Another season comes to an end...

Well boys and girls, it looks like another season is on it's way out. There's still a handful of hard-cores who pack it up and head out for that one last hot and sweaty ride of the season, but for the majority of us the bikes, quads and buggies have all been cleaned and put away for the season. That is if you don't go trail riding or head down to your local MX track.

Don't worry about the DDH. We're not going anywhere. There's a slew of things still planned for this year. Lake Elsinore MX track trips, a possible trip to Pismo Beach for riding and surfing, and the always fun backyard battles on the fitties.

We just bought and are planning on setting it up similar to what you see here on the DDH. Pictures, stories, directions and information will all be found on the new site. Take a look and if you have any good ideas for content or some history of the place throw us an email, we're all ears.

Remember if you know of an event you would like to share with others, let me know. I don't mind posting any events on Desert Dog's House.

Don't be sad that the season is over, just think of it as a little vacation from the fun. The desert will be waiting...


Fun-filled Phoenix
Supercross was a blast. If it wasn't for the heat, I would probably move to Phoenix. Good MX crowd, cool people, nice scenery.

by guest editor Jason Brady

Rob, Amy, Sam rolled out a little early in the Expo with enough time to hit the sand drags and pick a spot to camp. We were at the usual spot near the 2nd bridge close to Patton’s Valley. I came out with the rest of the crew around 11pm that night, it was Shannon and I in the F-3, Dave R. in the MH, OJ in the Bronco, Nicky in the Chevy, Jeff in another Chevy, and Crazy Dave, (a.k.a. ICEMAN!) Lance and Kyle in their rig. Along with a whole plethora of dogs AJ, ZERO, LEXUS, SEQUOIYA. Unloaded, settled in, watched OJ set up his new canopy for about 2 hours ($15 canopy) then went to bed.
Awoke to the sound of a rattling canopy coming from OJ side of camp, a small 5 mile an hour gust of wind tore down OJ’s well built canopy, I look over to Crazy Dave’s side of camp and there he is in the shade sipp’n on and Bud ICE already ICEMAN! Finished setting things up prepped bikes for a ride. After everyone had awaken, they had decided to cook breakfast, so knowing this was going to be a long process, I promised Uncle Dave I would replace his clutch on his 250R, so pulled it in the old Classic trailer and started to work. The job took a little longer than expected due to excessive rust on the bike, however mid way through the process OJ and Nick decide to go out for a ride by themselves. About this time Kyle has gotten pretty good at jumping the golf cart, and as we were all watching him he gets a little out of control and crashes full speed into a telephone pole, Ouch!!! Small cut on his elbow and some dried up tears and he is ok. Just as I am finishing Uncle Dave’s bike I see Nick pull up without OJ and he explains that OJ had broken his wrist pretty bad and he needed the Dodge to go get him, couldn’t even ride back, so we go pretty deep in the dunes with the Dodge and pick him up. There was crowd of people around him helping him, thanks whoever you are! Get him back to camp, throw him some pills and send he and nick to the hospital. After all this had just enough time to make it on one good dune ride before dark, I take my quad and everyone else is on 2 wheelers, Find a sweet jump Sam goes the biggest. Wind was kicking up a little. That night rode out to Patton’s valley, I on the enduro and others in the truck, and various quads. OH also Rob, Brindy, Jake, Via show up.

Nothing a couple Vicodin won't take care of

Start off the day with a ride to the store on the xr50 killing Rob, to get breakfast with most people in the group, eat for a few head back. Rob and I start messing around on Dave’s new Golf cart power by 8 high voltage batteries. I some how get it stuck down in the dry canal, as Lance is assisting us to pull it out on the 2Hundas we get stuck again half way up the other side. So we throw both the 2Hundas and the golf cart in reverse and begin to back down the hill but the weight and torque of the Golf cart is too much and the golf cart pulls the 2Hundas over on top of Lance crushing his back, nearly hitting the cart with his head. He’s screaming in agony that his back is broken! So I run over to camp and we get the Dodge again, by the time we get back he feels a little better and I am relieved that it is probably nothing to serious, just a sprain or something. Take him back to the camp give him some pills and he will sleep it off. We head out on a good dune ride with the boys Rob Sam, Dave Me Shannon, Nick, Jeff. Get back as the sun is setting, start cooking dinner. Say good-bye to Rob, Amy, Sam, and Nick heads back to the Hospital to pick up OJ. While cooking dinner we see this beat –up looking Bronco pulling a blue banshee, Oh Ya it is Najja,!!! He drove out by himself, with his own stuff. That night kicked it at camp with OJ checking out his new pins inserted in his arm. Looks like a little too much chrome on the bike for him and not enough money spent on the suspension and grips! Ha! Jakes sister shows up as we party late into the night.
Tuesday "New Years Eve!"
Bang Bang Bang!!! On the trailer door… it is ICEMAN ready to ride to the store for a cold pitcher of beer and some breakfast. So we all get up and head down, Najja sleeps in and misses the store run. A few hours at the store and we head back to camp for a little dune ride, another good ride and roll back to camp to say goodbye to Najja and hello to Scott. Who comes out for a visit with no bikes, (too many injuries). Heather and her cousin also arrive at the camp with yet another dog, MADDY. So we get the group together and head out to Patton’s Valley, for some racing up the hill, with Scott driving the Dodge. Some Good Fun, I’m blowing Banshees away, on the o’l CR250. I seem to be untouchable, so I let Shannon ride my bike and I try the hill on Lances bike, I wasn’t quite as fast, due to the differences in ergonomics, but still fast enough to beat Shan-Dog up the hill. Too much fun, head back to camp to wake up OJ in the trailer and say good-bye to Scott. Lance Dave and I head back out with ICEMAN and Rob #2 as spotters for some jumping, good fun lots of tabletops and small gaps to clear. Had so much fun I ran my bike out of gas, so rob ran back for me to get my gas can and top me off. Whew!! back to camp just before dark and start cooking some jumbo shrimp. Shannon is the master of the shrimp, a big favorite! Set up the camp fire and the get ready to ring in the New Year. Just before mid-night we set up our new years show, which consisted of many packages of bottle rockets and 5 gallons of gas and a few old x-mas trees. Party late into the night ringing in the New Year….
Wednesday "New Years Day!"
The last full day of the trip. Sloww to wake up, too much champagne! Don’t even feel like riding, soar, and sick! I think everyone else felt the same way. Cook a large breakfast as Rob #2, Brindy, heather and her cousin load up to leave. Nick is getting ready for one last ride and so after eating a late breakfast we head out for another ride. Dunes are fresh after the wind blew a little over night, perfect for carving up a few freshy’s. Get back to camp help Jeff and Nick load theirs bikes and say good-bye. Cook a little dinner and get ready to head out to the hill, then everyone decides to just relax at camp. Say good-bye to Jake, Vai, and Jake’s sister. More fun by the fire with Ozzie blast’in from the motor home. Camp is thinning out….
The last day, I wake up early to rush OJ off to the hospital for his last check up with the Yuma doctor before heading home. Start the loading up process and get ready to head out. Out of the few remaining die-hards Dave, Shannon, Me, Lance, Kyle, ICEMAN, nobody feels like riding at all. Too tired and soar and almost out of gas. Load everything up, air up the tires, load up all of OJ’s stuff, since he can’t with his new pins in his arm. As we pull the vehicles around to the canal road OJ shows up. Nobody gets stuck except OJ, as he is hooking up his trailer. So we start to dig, and after a few attempts of trying to dig him out we just hook up the Bronco, trailer and all to the F-3 with my 30ft Classic, and I give him a yank! He is out… And we are off, around 1:00pm, after a long trip we are on our way to El CENTRO for one thing and only one thing: 2 tacs 9-9 !!!!!!!!!!!


Rob, Amy, Nicole and I take off Friday morning. I'm towing my quad and Amy's quad. Rob and Amy rented a motorhome/mini-van so they carried out my fitty along with Rob's fitty. Jason, Dave and the rest of the crew were already out there, they left Thursday night. We got out to Gordons Well around 12:30. The ol' 4 hundo was running pretty crappy when it was time to go for a dune ride so Nicole and I decided to stay back and tear apart the carb. After I pulled it apart and put it back together Nicole and I went for a ride. It started raining while we were out in the dunes, that was pretty cool.

"The aftermath"

Later on that night we went to the Test hill and partied it up. On the way back from the hill Jake and Rob got hooked up near camp. Lance had to pull Amy's bike off Rob and we found Jake about 12 feet from his bike laying on his back. After some poking and prodding we saw he broke his collar bone. We loaded him up in the Dodge and Dave took him to the Yuma hospital. Later on we found out that he had broke his collar bone, cracked four ribs and punctured his lung. Not good.

After a "5 hour" breakfast break for Jason and Shannon we finally get ready for a dune ride. Dave finally makes it back from the hospital. He ended up staying there all night. Once he got back like the trooper that he is, got suited up for the dune ride with the rest of us. We were about 10 minutes into the dune ride as we crested the top of a dune when everyone stopped for a break. So Jason, Sam and I went to go find a dune jump.

Night time rode the fittys around camp with Lance and Nicole riding behind us with a quad and the Enduro to light our way. We went to the hill again and Jason and Shannon challenged Nicole and I for a doubles race up Test hill. Jason and Shannon beat us up it three times. Looks like time for me to throw a 440 kit in the ol' 4 Hundo.

Wake up for one last dune ride. During our ride we found a couple fun jumps and on the way back we did some dune riding. Got back to camp pack up my shit, said my good-byes and was on my way home.

Another fun filled weekend. Hope Jake makes it home O.K.

- HiLL Dog

October 31, 2002

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Thursday "Halloween"
Well we went to Glamis on the weekend after Halloween. We left Halloween night and got there around 10:30 PM. OJ, Nick and Scott had already arrived and setup camp. Our caravan included me, Jason, Shannon, Dave, Najja, Lance and Dave's neighbor. We camped on the west side of the canal and were about 6 miles deep. Pretty dope little camp site. Good place to ride the 50s and there was nobody around and for being a big weekend that's almost unheard of.

Friday day was a perfect sunny day with no wind. We went on a dune ride and my 400EX started to sputter out so I tried to make my way to a sand highway. Luckily for me Najja and Sam followed because my bike sputtered so bad that I wasn't able to go up any more dunes. It got so bad that we had to push the 'ol 4Hundo over a couple of dunes. I was shitting my pants, flash backs of Rob's YZ250 stuck in the deep dunes were doing bowl rides inside my head. We sat down for awhile to catch our breath at a point where Sam was able to ride my bike to. Then I grabbed my little screwdriver tapped on the carberator moved a couple of the screws around and "Brrrooommm" the 4Hundo was back in action. We rode back to camp, where I tore down my quad to find a hugh booger in my main jet. Cleaned that out and I was back in action.
OJ siezes the Enduro that Jason spends months rebuilding.

Later on that night Rob rolls up on Amy's 400EX. He got his truck stuck at the beginning of the canal road. We jumped in the Dodge and hauled ass to his truck to pull it out. Imagine 6 guys in a 4wheel drive monster doing 50mph down the canal road drunk. Well that was us and it was fun. Nicole and Amy were waiting at Rob's truck. After pulling his truck out we went back to camp to get ready to go to the hill. We all suited up and jumped on our quads. We had a group of about 9 quads. The girls and the guys who didn't have quads jumped in the Dodge. We rode up to the sand highway and watch the Dodge turn around for some reason. Rob bailed the quad group, turned around to see why the Dodge was going the other way. Well we bailed him and went on a night ride to the hill inwhich we never made it. We got lost. After a couple of hours we went back to our camp and this is after we lost OJ and Nick. Once back at camp the we saw Jeff and Rob sitting around Amy's 400EX. Rob wrecked her bike bending the steering stem, tie rod and busting up the plastics. The steering stem was so bent up that he wasn't able to turn the handlebars either direction. So while admiring the new custom mods. to Amy's quad, Amy and Nicole come out of the darkness yelling for us to help them. They tell us that Shannon and Vy are stuck out in the dunes somewhere in the Dodge. As we get ready to go on a mission they pull up. I guess the while out in the bowls, Shannon got the Dodge stuck and overheated the engine. Ride 50s for a couple hours at night around camp. Pass out from too much fun and alcohol.

Wake up to see Zero(Jason's dog, pit bull/lab) munching on Sugar's head(Nicole & Amy's little fluff ball of a dog). More riding. Rob kicks it at camp still shaken up from his wreck. Dave fixes Amy's steering stem by taken the bent stem sticking it in the hot coals of our fire and bending it straight. He is able to bend the tie rod straight too. Put the bike back together and it's rideable for the rest of the weekend. STOKED! Ride 50s some more. Everyone except for Team F.U.N. (Hill) are working on their bikes (mainly Banshees). We hit up a couple more bowl rides and find a cheesy little jump. Scott almost kills OJ on one of them though. Drinking beer the whole time. Dune ride to the Olds and cruise back.

Saturday night we rolled to the hill after another night dune ride. Scott tears some tendons in his foot by going off a small drop off sideways. He's in some severe pain. He tells me to take lead and we make it to Comp Hill. Somehow the Dodge was able to find us in all the craziness. We kick it, drink beer and enjoy the show that goes on for hours. We take off on our bikes, Jeff has to ride Scott's bike back to camp in his sandals. Smart buddy! We wait for the Dodge to go through a check point which the cops setup on the sand highway. After making it through we hauled ass back to camp. Once back to camp I passed out. Way too beat from all of the days events.

Wake up to see Rob, Amy and Sam all packed ready to go. I started to pack up and leave but we decided to go for one last dune ride. We ride to Olds to see a few last hardcores driving, riding, and racing up the hill. Nick, OJ and I line up to race up the hill. As we race up the hill I lose OJ and Nick. After coming back down I see everyone huddled around OJ's bike. I find out that a little girl on a Blaster or Warrior decided to do U-turn halfway up the hill and as she came around she almost T-boned OJ. Luckily for both of the them she smacked into his rear right tire, bending the axle. More bad luck... We all headed back to camp and did one more recon mission in the Dodge to pick up OJ and gang, only to find that they were able to ride back to camp. Once we got back to camp I packed up my shit and Nicole and I were on our way home.

Another successful weekend and what a way to start off the desert season!

- HiLL Dog

Well I made it back from Mexico. No Federale joyrides to the Policia station. The Baja 500 was awesome! Here's some pics that I took from the day before of the race.
New Happenings Section: Baja 500

What up people? Well my friends and I cruised up to Lake Elsinore to race their XR50s. They have a pretty cool motox park there with a variety of tracks with different skill levels. We heard that they just built a 50cc track for the big boys. So we went to check it out. If you want some more information on Lake Elsinore Motocross Park please visit the following link:

Here is the 1st Desert Dog's House Video. Myself and some friends of mine went out to Gordon's Wells for some duning and we put together a video. Check it out. Click on the thumbnail to download(7 megs). You need Quicktime to view. Click here to goto Apple's website to download the driver.

Some friends of mine went out to Glamis the weekend after Halloween. Had a sick ass time. I posted some of the pics up on the Moto-X and ATV pics sections. A friend of mine bought a F-350 and a 30 ft. trailer to go along with it. Stoked for me and him. His friend bought a 70 ft. motorhome(Let's just say AC out in the desert is NICE!). Again stoked for me and him. On a jump we found close to camp I ate sh*t on the last jump of the day, blew out the bead on my back tire and went home. We had fun.

People you'll have to check out this new moto-X called Rail America. A guy who we've been building a website for has put together a moto-x of 50ccs. Full-size riders, small scale bikes. It's loads of fun to watch and participate.
Check it out:

Sorry It's been a long time since I updated the DDH. I've been pretty busy. Started my own website design company and let's just say finding time to work on the fun stuff is getting pretty thin. Went out to Gordon's Well this weekend. There was nobody out there, dunes were untouched. It's wierd how the a place that is so dry and hot can remind you of a mountain that is cold and freezing. We were riding dunes that could have passed for a powder day for snowboarding.

I updated all the questions people have been sending me. I feel bad because I had to go all the way back to Nov. of last year. Trust me I won't let it get that bad again. Please if you have an answer for some of these people, throw them and email. The majority of these questions I can't help with so I'm counting on you the vistors to help each other.

Looks like it's coming close to the end of the riding season for us here on the West coast. The desert is starting to warm up. It will get to the point where it's not fun to even hang outside.