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This Season Starts Out with a Big BANG....
First of all I want to "Thank" all you loyal "Desert Dogs" out there for checking in. It's been awhile since I updated the DDH but you all know it's hard to keep up on things especially when they are just a hobby.

This season started out with a real shocker for alot of us local San Diegans. Around a week before the 1st big weekend of the year we experienced probably the worst wild fire this region has seen since the 70's. A real bright hunter was lost in our local forest (which is real hard to do since there are roads all through those wilderness areas) and decided to start a couple of signal fires to find his friends. Anyone who can count to "3" knows that you don't start any fires in this area, since we don't get much rain throughout the year. The brush is usually dangerously dry for about 8 months out of the year. Well this "Einstein" of a model citizen decide to do just that, resulting in 1,000s of homes destroyed and taking the lives of a handful of people.

Many local desert enthusiast lost their trailers, bikes, quads, homes, cars and worst of all, their family heirlooms. We here at Desert Dog's House wish these people the best of luck and hope they get back on their feet real soon.

On a lighter note, I missed this 1st big trip!!!! A friend of mine decided that 1st of November was a good time to get married. So while my buds were throwing back "coldies" in the sand, I was watching my friend try to steal the golf courses' (where the wedding was at) maintenance golf cart. He ended up getting caught and we all pointed and laughed.

Peace out home skillet!

Desert Pics
Halloween Weekend. Check it out.

Adult Mini Night
presented by Atom RoTTen
What: El Cajon Motocross Park
Wednesday 8pm-10pm
Bikes Allowed: XR50, Z50, XR70, XR80, XR100, TTR90, DRZ110, KLX110 and any home built exotic based on bikes listed above!

Fun times are here again!
Halloween Weekend, Gordons Well

First BIG trip of the year. Here are some of pictures my group took as they partied and rode the night away.

What are we doing?!?
Moonlight Drags, Glamis

We hit up the Moonlight Drags. Perfect night to be out at Glamis. Weather was perfect, the beer was flowing, the bands were rocking and the quads were racing. They had flood lights shining on Olds.

Sliding into 3rd Base
Secret Fitty Spot 2

My friend Dan and I took our 50s over to Troy's house where we loaded them up in his truck and he took us to this hidden playground buried in the hills out in the hot East County Empire.

What UP?!?!

Ocotillo Wells
04/20/03 & 10/31/02

"Desert Dog" Dustin submitted these pictures. Looks like a good time.

1st Corner
Ocotillo Wells

Another Trip to Ocotillo Wells.

Rock n' Roll Baby!

Ocotillo Wells
50 Day Trip 02/01/03

Dan, Carrie, Rob and I went to Octillo Wells for a day out on the 50s. We setup a the Mud Flats where we cruised up on on a rolled Chevy Z71. I guess we just missed it roll like 5 minutes before.

MotoXXX Tent
Phoenix 1/11/03

Went to the Supercross in Phoenix this month with Sano Racing's Ken Johnson. Saw some pretty cool stuff and took some cool pictures. Check them out in the Random Pics section.
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